15 February 2017

Of Roadtrips and Lunch Stopovers in Provincial Towns - Patio Elmina in Dagupan

So it was one of those family get-aways with the kiddos and for this time we decided to go to a Luzon destination - Lingayen. And yes, before I forget to add, I did some early morning run along the gulf of Lingayen and it was exhilarating and I was able to photography some really great subjects early in the morning.

We were on our way back home to the busy-ness of the Metro but had to make a stopover on the road for some lunch grub and while we were busy checking out the restaurants along the road and looking at our phones to find nearby eating places when we happened to chance along Patio Elmina in Dagupan and they were situated along the highway. The exterior of the place was pretty much built of wood and so were the interiors. They had a koi pond as well and more old school designs inside.

Everyone was pretty happy with the food and we got to taste more "Luzon" dishes. Since everyone was already quite hungry we skipped on the appetizers and went right on ahead with the mains and other items. One of those interesting dishes we ordered was the "poqui poqui" and it really has a funny name. It's an Ilocano eggplant and egg dish and while it wasn't really aesthetically pleasing, it was one of the family pleasers. Aside from being healthy it really did taste quite good.

We also had some burong kanin. I think it is Kapampangan in nature. It is fermented rice and a famous and interesting dish. I think for some it is an acquired taste but others love it. This was one of our side dishes.

Then of course the tito's needed to order one of their favorites - Aligue Rice. Rice cooked with crab fat hence the color pale yellow. So sinful this one dish with all that crab fat. Personally I think it lacked some oommpph and more crab fat. It could be more tastier.

Then we had some "kalderetang kambing" which is basically stewed goat in tomato sauce and spices and they loaded the top with cheese. The goat was surprisingly really soft and flavorful and I liked this one very much. We used to eat a lot of goat when I was little and when we still lived in Cdeo so this was a very familiar taste for me.

We also ordered some bulalo but it was just so-so and a sizzling boneless battered bangus with gravy which everyone loved and then there was the lechon kawali which is kind of a staple. 

Overall the taste of the dishes was pretty ok and the prices were really not bad at all. This was a good stopover meal! Hearty and filling and best of all eaten in the company of family!


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