29 June 2016

Spiral's Champagne Sunday Brunch at the Sofitel Manila

For all foodies out there, the Spiral buffet at the Sofitel is at the top on the must-eat list. The buffet boasts of a lovely cheese and cold cuts section which will make your mouth and your cheesy heart water but aside from that they also have a total of 21 dining ateliers guaranteed to satisfy the demands of your foodie cravings above and beyond so here I found myself with a colleague from work one lazy Sunday and trying out their Sunday champagne brunch. 

From the time the wait staff seated me at a cozy table/couch, they were already asking if I wanted some champagne and also gave me their signature Spiral bread which was crusty on the outside and soft and cuddly on the inside. It was served warm together with a slab of butter and it was really bread I wanted to munch on a lot. That means something because I am not really a bread person but I have to give them kudos for their bread. Really good!

I then proceeded to do my first round. I got some shrimp cocktail and a lovely selection of cheeses, a little bit of prosciutto and iberico hams plus some candied fruits and fig. When I arrived back at our table, a glass of bubbly was already waiting for me. Good job Spiral!

For my 2nd plate, I got some sushi (salmon and tuna) with pickled ginger, oysters from France, and smoked salmon topped with caviar. All very delicious and the quality of the sushi was good. The oysters - perfect.

The 3rd plate concentrated concentrated on lobsters and coconut crabs, and I tried a piece of California maki to boot. Normally in buffets, I try to avoid rice, and any other carb since it makes you feel full fast but 1 piece is not so bad. ;)

One cannot do the Sofitel buffet without the obligatory and famous foie gras. I requested it on a small bed of risotto which I loved. 

I tried some of the roasted meats, pork loin, ribs and etc but I wasn't so enamored of them (need to do the buffet again *wink*). 

My 4th plate was my Asian tribute. I had some jellyfish, roasted suckling pig (lechon), and Singaporean Chili crabs. I also inserted another lobster here which I had cooked at the French station. I had them cook it with butter. Yum!

I also had some spinach gnocchi but I didn't finish it as I was already buffet-haggard at this point. Sometimes I cannot believe I have this much of an appetite but hey I skipped the carbs part so I guess that was the key.

Again, I had another cheese plate with fruits and nuts to go with it. I just have a soft spot in my cynical heart for cheeses! Hahahaha! 

Always always room for dessert. The Spiral had overwhelming towers of melted strawberry chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate fountains. I got an eclair, creme brulee and a strawberry panna cotta. 

I have to say this Spiral Sofitel buffet is everything I had imagined it to be and more but I still missed some dining ateliers here of which I promise to make up soon. This is one of those things you do once in a blue moon and you won't feel cheated at all even if the pricing is really high. Quality of the food and everything is really great. See you again soon Spiral!


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