22 June 2016

1st Experience with Pink Panda in Makati

This post was due ages ago but I have been very busy with other pursuits in my life and other interests that I have not updated in a while. Once upon a blue moon when my "Team Anilams" group was all in the same zip code, we decided to paint the town red as it was also friend C's birthday. We were choosing where to go for some grub that was not in a heavily trafficked area and we decided on Pink Panda. One of the babies of famous celebrity Erwan Heussaff. The restaurant promised to be an Asian fusion one with specialties from Asian countries delivered with certain twists. For that dinner event, we had really good and had a good time as there was also some live art to keep us entertained but mostly we entertained ourselves pretty easily. :)

To start the meal off, we ordered some Wild Vietnamese rolls. There were 6 rolls in total. Half of them were fresh vietnamese rolls which I absolutely adore and the rest were fried ones. Best of all they had some nuoc nam sauce and peanut sauce of which I am absolutely fond of. These were a great start.

Then we had some Tom Yum soup. Shrimp and mushrooms in a sour but creamy soup base which had a lot of spicy kick to it. This is one of my staple dishes whenever I go to Thailand and one of my favorites too. For some reason, I love sour tasting things. ;)

When it is someone's birthday you cannot not have noodles and for this occasion we had some Pad Thai. Another Thai favorite of mine. Noodles cooked with bean sprouts and tamarind paste with either chicken or shrimp and topped with an egg.

We also ordered a Pink Panda recommended dish. Their Pink Panda special fried rice. Fried rice with cabbage and carrot strips, shrimp, chinese sausage, and an omelette with some crispy fried wanton wrappers topped for an extra layer of crunch.

What's a special occasion without some kind of a pork dish. This pork dish was a good one. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness, cooked in a clay pot with beans and leeks sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds.

Beef had an equal presentation also with their Crispy Beef Rendang. Fried tender short ribs of beef  in a spiced coconut sauce with some pickled vegetables to cut through the richness of the sauce.

We had their Panda buns as well to cap off the meal. Everyone had fun over dinner especially about even portions (an inside joke). Great birthday and a great time with good friends.



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