19 January 2015

Hole-In-The-Wall Alert: El Chupacabra at Makati Avenue

Hole-in-the-wall restaurants are one of my favorites. They are great finds when it comes to good food without breaking your bank. One of my recent favorites is a Mexican inspired little restaurant along the busy streets in Makati avenue - El Chupacabra. They serve really good Mexican food and during the weekends, they are packed and you will need to wait for a table to become available because they have limited seating only.

My friend B was the one who introduced me to this little gem and I have been introducing it to friends as well because they really serve good food in here and you can just come as is. No need for a posh get up or whatever. Some of the seats they have are literally on the streets already because they just have a little space.

So one weekend I brought friend D, M, and their other friends and we had our dinner here. It was packed so we had to wait for at least 45 minutes to an hour to get a table but we had a good time and while waiting we ordered one of their signature dishes - Nachos Especiales. This was a huge platter of nachos with everything on it - beef, cheese, and etc. So while waiting at least we had these to munch on and friend M, D, and me had a little catch up moment before the rest of the gang arrived.

We also ordered some cheese quesadillas - Gringas and they had some carnitas in them. These were also delicious with coriander paste, salsa, and sour cream to complement the dish.

Tacos were of course a must-have. I ordered a Carne Asada taco. One was enough to satiate my stomach since they have a good sized serving and the nachos got to my tummy too. These were yummy and so good. Simple but really delicious food.

We also had some barbeque as well. We ordered the small sticks and the meat on the barbeque were juicy and so tasty. I love their barbeque here by the way. It’s really good and yummy.

Of course we ordered a pitcher of margarita as well to quench the thirst and we ended up with a good night. El Chupacabra is really a must-try place for anyone. They serve really good Mexican food without the huge price tag. The place has a very different vibe as well. It just evokes a very relaxed feeling from me whenever I am here.

Thanks to friend B who introduced me to this place! :)

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