13 November 2014

Balkan Yugoslavian Home Cooking - At A Glance

As usual I am late again in my posts. I guess it’s nothing new. I am always busy so sometimes I am too tired to write about the delicious experiences I had but I always try to catch up one way or another.

Anyway, thanks to one of my awesome foodie friends DJ B, she told me about this restaurant named Balkan in the BGC area which serves authentic Serbian food and I went with M and Z to check it out. We weren’t disappointed. Although it is quite pricey, it really is good value for money. And of course, your taste buds get to try out Serbian cooking which I think is very hearty and filling.

When we all walked inside the restaurant I immediately liked what I saw and felt. The interiors were cozily decorated with shelves full of books, old photographs, and some mementos. It immediately put me at ease and comfortable although it was my first time to try Serbian cooking. The colors inside the restaurant were also very relaxing for me. We seated ourselves and we proceeded to order.

The first thing that I really said to the wait staff was to get us an order of goulash. I have been hearing about this kind of beef stew in books and in tv and my curiosity was piqued enough. It was served together with crusty bread which we all loved. I couldn’t get over how hearty and delicious the goulash tasted. It really would be perfect on a cold night in front of a glowing fire. The soup was tasty, savory, and the beef was very tender. We loved it. This was one of the highlights for me. I made a mental note to order it at another time and bring home to Papa.

The M also wanted a salad so I chose something that would also be pleasant to Z. I ordered their Arugula salad with chicken breast. There is just something about the peppery hint of arugula that I dearly love. I think it’s perfect in a salad and together with some cherry tomatoes, this was a winner too. The breaded chicken breast and mozzarella additions were delicious highlights on that salad.

We also ordered stuffed pljeskavica. I’m not sure If I got the spelling right. This was ground beef steak stuffed with melted mozzarella and served with your choice of fries or rice. This dish was also delicious and very filling.

DJ B also suggested I try the rosti potatoes which were fried potato pancakes. Z loved them!

Actually in a nutshell I would describe Balkan’s food as being hearty and filling. Some reviews I have read say they serve up a great burger which I promise to try next time. Definitely Balkan is a place worth coming back to.

Ta Ta!


P.S. Balkan is located at the 2nd floor of the Crossroads Building, 32nd street, Bonifacio Global City. :)

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