21 March 2014

Restaurant Feature: My first foray into Izakaya Kikufuji @ Little Tokyo Makati

For months really I’d been raring to go to Little Tokyo to explore and check out one of the main restaurants there – Izakaya Kikufuji but I just didn’t have the right timing always that is until I met up with an old friend from way back for some lunch. He was also fond of Japanese food and so I decided that we should check out Izakaya Kikufuji.

It was kind of crowded during the Saturday lunch hour so we just sat at the bar facing the sushi chefs and I was so excited to see them in action. This post is many months late so I’m not sure if I can still relay all the essential details but one thing is for sure, the restaurant had pretty decent fresh fish and I loved the food that I was served. I loved it so much that the very next week, I brought other foodie friends to enjoy another lunch there.

It’s value for money Japanese fare. I highly recommend it! 5 stars for Izakaya Kikufuji!

Assorted Fresh Sashimi - Tuna, Salmon and Uni
Friend DR suggested this delicious sushi. He says he's eaten better so I'll have to take his word for it. Not so bad though!

One of my new favorites - Crispy tuna salad! This was really delicious for me.
Since it is an Izakaya place, we got ourselves a few and sampled them. There was one with enoki mushrooms, cherry tomatoes wrapped in bacon, leeks and some other good stuff I was not able to take note off because I was busy eating! LOL!
After the meal there was even complimentary iced coffee which I liked! Nice one!

Overall it was a very pleasant first time at this restaurant and I suspect I will be coming here often and introducing it to friends as well who appreciate good food!


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