29 July 2013

Foodie Event: YUMMY EATS 2013!

This is the usual yearly foodie tradition with @witchycrazymommy and our little foodies-in-training and this year it was still held at the NBC tent at Fort Bonifacio and attended by a steadily growing number of small food business entrepreneurs and foodies. 

Again, an overwhelming barrage of good food and drinks all throughout the day. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I was also happy that craft beers have made a showing in this year's event as well.

Crispy Fish & Chips from Chuck's Grub

Pork Bagwang

New flavors from one of my faves - Merry Moo

Mushroom Risottos

Beef tapa and breaded fish

Theo Philo chocolates

Paella Negra

Pound Cake

Yummy flavoured ensaymada's

The Cupcake Lab's delicious cupcakes

all that thick bacon!

Greek drinks

The craft beers from Global Beer Exchange

Good job Yummy! Looking forward to 2014!


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