16 May 2013

On The Tummy Spot: Tasty Dumplings Hong Ma!

I’m sure by now you guys know that I am an avid fan and Binondo food addict. There is just something comforting about delicious and well-prepared dim sums and other Chinese dishes that I just can’t resist them. It’s a lifelong love affair from eating at my Angkong’s table with the dishes he has prepared when I was still a little kid to the weekend Binondo forays with the mum. It’s in my blood!

And as a yearly tradition, we make sure that every Chinese New Year we are in Binondo to take part in the revelry of it all. From the dragon dances, to the red ang pao’s, busy streets, and of course the delicious food, we really try and make it in Binondo yearly. This year as with last year, we had one of our stop-overs in Tasty Dumplings along Ongpin road. Presently though they have transferred to Condesa Street which is just near the old location in Ongpin. Since we tried some of their best sellers before, we decided to try some dishes that my friend C recommended. We ordered their Meatball soup, Hong Ma, and the Silver roll bread that was best together with the Hong Ma. We just ordered these 3 because we were going to another restaurant later. 

The meatball soup was a revelation. The delicious and beautifully seasoned meatballs floating in a clear but very flavorful broth was something else. We all loved it. It was a great starter and personally I think it’s good to share since the meatballs are quite filling.

The star of our orders was the tender, soy and anise flavored (pork belly, I think) Hong Ma drenched in its own sauce with the right proportions of meat and fat. It was literally a melt-in-your-mouth tasty piece of morsel and the Silver Roll bread was the perfect foil for it.

Hong Ma
Hong Ma
The Silver Roll bread was a fried and crunchy bread on the outside with a soft and light inside. You could put pieces of Hong Ma inside the bread and eat it like a sandwich. They were absolutely perfect together. A match made in heaven if I do say so myself. 

Silver Roll
I do suggest that if you guys check out Tasty Dumplings, be sure to order the Hong Ma and the Silver Roll bread and you will be glad you did. The Silver Roll bread will also go well with the Pata Tim!



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