17 December 2012

On The Tummy Spot: Baek Yuen Korean Restaurant in Silang, Cavite

If you remember a previous post I had a while back featuring a good Korean restaurant in nearby Dasmarinas, then I introduce its sister restaurant in Silang (a place on the way to Tagaytay) also with the name of Baek Yuen. Here the banchans given to us were more than what was given in their Dasma restaurant, but basically the prices were the same and offerings were the same although the space in this Silang branch is bigger and it featured a floor seating dinner table arrangement too.

I ordered the usual SamGyeopSal and for all those who are familiar with the Korean restaurant setting here – the minimum order of SamGyeopSal has to be 2 orders so I asked our friendly waitress to split between the samgyeopsal and the beef counterpart. The beef version has less fat content and they are sliced thinly for easy cooking. 

After a while our parade of banchans started to arrive and of course I was well pleased with all the delicious little side dishes and of course the always present kimchi. There were actually 3 types of kimchis served to us and even a block of steamed egg as part of the banchan repertoire. The most appealing banchan for me was the sauteed eggplant which had a very velvety and sweet texture and taste.

We had fun grilling our meats and eating them up too. The pork and beef were all wonderfully prepared and grilled just right by our server. We also ordered JINRO soju to drink which was really really strong. The soju has a very clean and straight up taste. Aside from the free side dishes that go with eating in a Korean restaurant, we also got a stone bowlful of my favorite spicy doenjjang jjigae (soybean paste soup). 

No room for dessert at the end, but the restaurant gave us an extra treat – free fresh pineapples to finish of the hearty meal!

Comforting, spicy, and generous Korean meal at Baek Yuen is always a winner!



Anonymous said...

How much did u spend?

BisayaInManila said...

Hi Anonymous, I think for 3 pax, we spent less than a thousand for the whole meal.

Anonymous said...

I've been planning to visit this place for a month now. Since I always see this when passing thru Silang By-pass. I hope their kimchi taste good as well. Thaks for this blog.

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