23 September 2012

Foodie Event: YUMMY Eats 2012!

I know it’s probably quite late but hey better late than never.

Last May 2012, YUMMY held its annual YUMMY Eats event along with 53 concessionaires all showing off their new items/products and selling off their bestsellers. It was a blast and this time I made sure that I got all the food items in order. It was a full course meal loaded with lots of different and interesting things which totally satisfied my tummy. I started with the savories and ended with the desserts. It was stomach-blowing so to speak!

Also, the foodie event gave way to 2 small budding foodies soon to follow in my and Witchy Crazy Mommy’s footsteps. I can’t describe all the food I got to eat during that time but I will just post some photos of the things I ate.

I also made a list of my top 10 choices of the concessionaires that I found most delightful:

1) Pinkerton Ice Cream, love the guava basil sorbet! Very refreshing to the palate.

2) Choclery Artisan Chocolates for their sweets!

3) Pepitas Lechon and butterbeer

4) Jettee's Kitchen Divine Handmade Pastries, love their red velvet cheesecake and cookies..simply divine!
5) Cukay's.
6) Dulcelin Gourmet
7) Chuck's Grub/Fish and Chips
8) Pint Ice Cream
9) Wabi Sabi
10) Whisk

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