16 July 2012

A Taste of Japanese at Teriyaki Boy

I am a lover of Japanese cuisine. I just think the sushis are great and their food artistry is superb. Teriyaki Boy is not really a Japanese fine dining restaurant but sort of a Japanese fastfood which can cater to all levels of Japanese food-loving customers and can give good value for money. I remember the first time I tried it with friend G back in Cebu. We had a lot of fun eating and talking over Ebi Tempuras and a bowl of Chawan Mushi which I really really loved.

One rainy afternoon friend B and I decided to have some Teriyaki Boy fare. We started with an appetizer – Gyoza. This is the Japanese version of siomai as I like to think of it. The gyoza tasted so fresh. Crispy and savory thin wrapper enclosing juicy steamed pork meat filling. It was served together with a tangy soy dipping sauce which was perfect for the mouth-watering gyoza’s. It was a really good to start our early dinner.

Friend B ordered Gyu-Yakiniku Don, a big bowl of steamed Japanese rice topped with thin slices of stir-fried beef sprinkled with sesame seeds with a half cooked egg in the middle. Since we took turns sampling each other’s plate, I was able to try this dish out. I think the beef was overly cooked. It was not as tender as I had expected but the flavor was okay. I mostly liked the egg part because it made the dish really creamy.

For my part I ordered their Katsudon. It was just okay, nothing really special or extraordinary in that dish. I think it was not really freshly fried but it was okay since I had this sense that it might have been under the food warmer for a bit of time. I was a bit disappointed with this though but on a regular day, it seems like a good bowl of Katsudon. Overall, I got my fill for dinner. The breaded pork cutlet in the Katsudon I had was quite big and of course there is no scrimping in the rice there. Not bad if you want to have your Japanese fix without paying overly much. Which reminds me that I have to go check out Little Tokyo in Makati once more.

I will have to come back and try Teriyaki Boy again. Who knows, I might be really really super happy with their food by then.

P.S. Photos courtesy of friend B from her Iphone.


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