20 July 2012

Brunching on Crepes, Café Breton style at Greenbelt 3

You can either have them savory or sweet and there are numerous combinations and recipes which are sure to suit anybody’s palate. Crepes are great that way. They are like a blank slate and you get to decide what you want in that slate. My very first experience with crepes came at a very young age; I think I was in elementary then. Me and the family together with our French grandaunt celebrated Bastille Day in their home. She cooked for us the thinnest and most delicious crepes (funny pancakes, I thought at that time) on that day and paired it with really very basic sauces – some jams I think which I cannot to this day remember. But the crepes I do remember. They tasted so unlike pancakes with their thin but creamy and milky taste in my mouth.

Since then my grandaunt and granduncle’s house was the only place I could get those delicious crepes. Then I discovered East,West and they had their own selection of yummy crepes which have become a delicious pit stop for me every time I am in Cebu. I have had the sweet and yummy mango sushi crepes to their savory clubhouse sandwich crepe which never fails to amaze and satiate me.

Then friend A once brought me to Café Breton but I could not remember what we ordered at that time or maybe my mind wasn’t that focused on the food but they definitely deserved a 2nd visit and so when friend B arrived last week, she requested a meal at Café Breton saying that it was one of her favorites and voila, I have my 2nd visit.

We came to have brunch and brunch we did. We each ordered separate savory crepes and 1 dessert crepe. Talk about crepe overload. Friend B ordered their “Galette Don Quixote” which was chorizo meat, onions, tomato, mozzarella and cream all enclosed in a triangular buckwheat crepe. It was huge in size and I thought we were going to have a field day to finish both our savory crepes. I got a bite from her dish and it was meaty, tomatoey and creamy. The buckwheat crepe was not overwhelming at all and felt just right. I could tell it was really going to be very filling because of the meat, cheese and cream all crammed inside that big triangle.

For myself I ordered their “Galette Rustique”. It was 2 pcs of slightly-fried smoked Canadian bacon, tomato provencale and egg sunny side up with a folded buckwheat crepe slathered with mozzarella. I loved how everything on this plate went together. I ate all of the components of this dish in bite-sized pieces and amazed how they were all locked in this one big flavorful dish. I finished my order but friend B couldn’t finish hers. It was really too filling. But of course we had some time for dessert.

We ordered the “Mango Loco” - the sweet mango pieces laden with cinnamon and topped with some fresh mango ice cream and Grand Marnier. The combination of mangoes and cinnamon was oddly yummy for me and it was the first time I came upon that combo. It usually is apples and cinnamon but this wasn’t a bad idea at all and topped with that refreshing mango ice cream, it was as delicious as could be. The experience made me want another one soon to try out their other savory and dessert crepes. I see another Café Breton visit in the near future.

Thanks friend B for re-introducing me to Café Breton!

P.S. Expect to spend around Php200+ for a crepe order but the crepes are really big too. Thanks also to friend B for her iphone photos. Didn't bring the cam with me. 


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