22 May 2012

On The Tummy Spot: Kanin Club @Ayala Triangle Gardens

On the rare occasions that I eat all Filipino outside my home, I really try and pick restaurants that can give me value for money – great taste, good prices and I must say eating at Kanin Club has been good so far. Their innovation on several of their dishes are well received by I think almost everybody that comes inside their doors.

The very first time that I tried them out, I ordered it for take-out as we were eating it at a hotel across the Ayala Triangle Garden with my Achi. I really didn’t know much about their specialties but I am always hearing about how the “Aligue Rice” is a must-order. This was the only menu item I was sure about. The rest were all a mystery but I thought it couldn’t be that bad as long as I stick to the tried and true favorites. We enjoyed the first time so much that we ate there again in the same week, this time dining in with everyone.

The food was consistently good but there’s something to be had for their service. The wait staff and the time for the food to be delivered to us need some improvement but overall we had a pleasant time. We first ordered our appetizers, one of their best sellers – Crispy Liempo. Crispy thin fried slices of pork liempo perfectly fried to a crisp. It was so crisp that you could break it in half with a quick snap. It was served together with 3 dipping sauces: their own soy sauce, chili sauce and vinegar. The dish never fails to amaze but you will need to watch your cholesterol levels with this literally heart stopping dish. Everything in moderation!

We then saw fit to order another set of appetizer together with our meal to satiate some womanly craving. We got the “Green Mango and Bagoong”. Perfectly sliced green mangoes with a huge dollop of nicely seasoned bagoong! Yum! Chunky freshly sliced green mangoes together with that sweet and salty bagoong certainly makes for a great accompaniment to any meal.

Our rice order was again “Aligue Rice”. The rice is something really good because we don’t want to order any other kind. Rice fried with luscious and sinful crab meat. It brings with it a unique taste of its own. Again, please be advised to eat in moderation. Hehehehhe!

We ordered 2 main dishes – Kare Kare and another best-seller of theirs, Crispy Dinuguan. Its dinuguan without the innards but only fried pork meat before being covered with pig’s blood. I can’t say I really found it good but it was okay. The kare-kare was really so peanuty and had a lot of tripe, tail and vegetables that we all loved it. It was creamy and just perfect to pair with the rice.

Overall, we had a pleasant taste experience but the wait staff could have been more attentive and the waiting time reduced a bit. If you are looking for traditional yet innovative and creative Filipino dishes which are kind of light on the budget, I think Kanin Club will do great! I promise to do the other rice alternatives on other visits!


Crispy Liempo – Php 142.00
Green Mango and Bagoong – Php 112.00
Crispy Dinuguan – Php 261.00
Kare-kare – Php 358.00
Aligue Rice – Php 149.00



Witchy Crazy Mommy said...

super value for money! try the sinigang fried rice next time. Nakakaloka yung pork belly, for a while naging malabo yung future ko,highblood.

BisayaInManila said...

I'll try the sinigang fried rice next time. Mau jud..kaloka ang pork belly! :)

Swak Lahat - Buy and Sell in Philippines - www.swaklahat.com said...

Great foods! Yummy!

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