28 April 2012

My Binondo Foodie Adventures Part VIII: A 2nd Foray into Tasty Dumplings

Binondo, how I love thee? Let me count the foodie trips! J Chinese New Year is something that we really look forward to every year and what’s best is that we get to celebrate it in the Philippines Chinatown capital – Binondo. This year, the streets were packed as usual with tsinoys, foreigners, dragon dancers and visitors trooping straight to Binondo to take part in the New Year festivities happening. It’s red all over the place with lots of firecrackers loud enough to rival New Year’s celebrations.

We had fun strolling as I brought along mom, sister and Z. Their feet got tired but they were all happy with what we had experienced. It was getting closer to dinner time and everywhere the restaurants were packed of course. I headed off to Tasty Dumplings. I just love their cool exteriors after the humidity outside and all that firework smoke. It was a welcome refuge.

We had some Fried Kuchay Dumplings, these deep fried morsels were yummy together with the dipping sauce we had. It could rival that of Dong Bei’s. 

Mama had their sweet and sour chicken rice and I must say I was pretty impressed with it. I don’t normally order sweet and sour anymore because it’s so commonplace but their version definitely was worth its salt. It had tender and moist chicken pieces drenched in just the right amount of the sweet and sour sauce.

Sister had some spareribs rice and it tasted like the patatim I used to have before in Cdeo. It was really delicious. Soy flavored sauce with some spices and the meat was just right. Not tough and quite easy to eat. It’s a different take on spareribs from the ones in WaiYing. They are both very different and each of the spareribs has their own unique signature. For myself, I ordered their signature dish Pork Chop rice with those gigantic Ala schnitzel pork pieces. Huge thin and crispy pork chop pieces designed to satisfy your fried pork craving and more. I had no problems sharing this as it was really a lot and I couldn’t finish it alone.

It’s been a while since I updated this blog and I apologize for the absence. Life has been hectic lately with another venture I have been experimenting with.


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