24 February 2012

On The Tummy Spot: C2, Classic Cuisine On View

Love Love Filipino food! I think it is a very unique and versatile cuisine very adept at adapting to other cultural flavors yet somehow still retaining its identity. I mean, we are known to be one of the most adaptable cultures around simply because we strive to survive wherever we are. The same can be said of our cuisine as well. Aside from that we have our own great specialties of which the majority is still a vast culinary adventure for me to undertake. I am at the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

There are a lot of Filipino themed restaurants around and I just made a recent discovery with C2 (Classic Cuisine) a few weeks back with friends. They served straight up Filipino food but aside from the familiar what I was most impressed with was the clean execution of the dishes and how original and authentic it really tasted like. I mean, we can all have Filipino food anywhere but C2 gives it a very impressive face.

A Filipino meal would not be complete without rice. We chose their Aligue rice. Those creamy, fatty and luscious aligue mixed with rice and garlic makes for a great rice component. Yes, we chose to forget about our blood pressures that night. It was tasty and actually not as overwhelming as I first thought it would be with all that fat. The garlic probably neutralized it a bit!

Next, we had some Binagoong Lechon Kawali. Who can resist ordering these crispy, fat chunks of liempo deep fried to perfection and slathered with some yummy bagoong with a siding of grilled eggplant which was the perfect accompaniment to the dish. The lechon kawali was not really oily at all so I’m guessing it was deep fried at the right temperature with the correct amount of oil. We were so happy to dig in to this dish.

Since friend D was craving for some Sisig action, we had their Sisig express. Their sisig had all the correct components. Original sisig without any frills. It was great with some soy sauce and a squeeze of calamansi.

Well, we had to have some veggies since we all felt guilty about all that pork! We ordered their Pinakbet at Bagnet. Notice the bagnet. Yes, we are still guilty of being obsessed with pork that night. Crunchy and cooked-just-right steamed vegetables paired with bagoong and bagnet cubes. We just love our vegetables.

A meal has to be finished with some dessert so we ordered their Leche Flan. Since we were feeling so full by this time, we ordered just 1 but we ended up wishing for more. It was literally melting in our mouths. The flan was so creamy and the sweetness was just right. Normally I rarely get to eat a well made leche flan since I think it’s so commercialized these days but the chefs at C2 really got this one right. I believe I will be coming back for more.

C2 is a good find especially if you are craving for some authentic and good Filipino food. I’ll be back that’s for sure.


P.S. Photos courtesy of my IPhone. Sorry for the not so great resolution!

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