09 February 2012

On the Buffet Table: Manila Pavilion’s Lunch Buffet

Before Sister T headed off to the land of milk and honey, we had a sumptuous lunch buffet at Seasons (the restaurant in Manila Pavilion). She got some vouchers from Ensogo so we decided to have a post Christmas date and have lunch together at the hotel. She got a good deal from Ensogo. Groupon’s are the in-thing nowadays. She invited her friend but they were late so we proceeded to fill ourselves up with whatever we could find.

We were there early because we got some feedback that if you were late, you did not get the prized stuff. So we were like 3rd in line to get inside the restaurant. I also spied a couple of other diners bringing the Ensogo voucher. Giddyup! We got our reserved table and immediately proceeded to the appetizer station where we first ogled all the displayed food! We had some oysters, mussels, salmon terrine and chicken lollipops. There were a lot more but I couldn’t take better pictures so you’ll have to contend with my phone pics. A beautifully presented tuna ceviche with some Japanese mayo was there and we partook of it in small portions. We preferred to share so we can taste a little of everything.

Assorted sushi, sashimi, calamari and Japanese foods were also on display but I didn’t really focus on these because they were quite filling. I prefer to have the meat only and in fact ate no rice during the buffet hours. Eating rice will affect your capacity so I’ve learned that it is best to just eat no rice if you’re having a buffet. We also had some blanched squid with sesame sauce. It was okay and the squid was not rubbery at all.

There was a Chinese portion of the buffet but I decided that I can eat all I want over in Binondo so I skipped this portion and just tried out their asado to compare. Nothing really jumped out of me from those but I so far loved my oysters and the salmon terrine. Very refreshing.

We then proceeded to the sort of “market” section where you can ask them to cook any kind of meat for you in the manner you want. There was quite a long line so I just told the server to give me 2 pieces of salmon steak and have it cooked medium. They overcooked our salmons which was a bit disappointing but it still tasted good and they had a lemon butter sauce prepared to go with it but I found that the simple combination of soy sauce and vinegar was also great. We had a lot of those salmon steaks. The sister and I literally stuffed ourselves with them. Hey, salmon is a bit expensive so we ate our fill.

The buffet was good for us. We were able to eat around 3 plates between the 2 of us I think but there was not so much carbs in them. Purely they were protein. Because we felt so stuffed, I decided to grab a little cheese platter and I piled it with assorted cheeses, dried fruits and an assortment of nuts. They helped to ease the full filing and we actually finished around 3 little plates of it. Love the cheeses and the dried fruits and nuts that went along were a perfect match.

It was a good buffet and I loved eating their salmon and the cheeses but it wasn’t a really great one. I look forward to a buffet much like Spiral’s where they serve lamb shanks, Peking ducks, prime ribs, lobsters, foie gras and so much more. But it was a good one! Thanks Sister T!


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