28 December 2011

On The Tummy Spot: Mango Walnut Torte

After that fulfilling Zensho meal, friend L and I trooped down the streets of Tomas Morato in search of our dessert stop. Oh yes, we still had a dessert stop in spite of all that we ate. Goodness, how I packed all that delicious food into me I can only wager a guess. J Anyway, it was quite a way off so we walked and did a bit of exercise which somehow helped loosen up our full tummies a bit.

Finally we stopped at a little cozy door along the long street of Tomas Morato and there I first chanced upon “Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee”. It’s warm and homey interiors made me want to sink in their sofa seats and curl up with a good book with a mug of steaming coffee and a plate of their dessert items which friend L told me was quite good. She was all praises for this one cake dish so I decided to get that and see what she was raving about.

I ordered what friend L recommended to me – Mango Walnut Torte. The torte in the name alone made me want to see what it was all about and boy was I not disappointed. When it came into view on a really nice dark red plate I was so eager to get some of it on my mouth that I almost forgot to take pictures but luckily friend L reminded me so I got a few snaps of my soon-to-be demolished dessert.

It was really very rich and luscious. Luscious and creamy would go hand in hand in my description for this very rich and yummy cake. It was perfect with some freshly brewed coffee as it helped to temper the rich and sweet torte. On the last layer were some crunchy walnuts and syrupy glazed kiwis. The next layer after that was a flavored whipped cream which was so light. You could not taste any cakey portion of this cake. It was all light and airy whipped cream with some syrupy and glazed fruits and nuts. On the side were some chocolate fingers. They were not biscuits because I did not get some crunch in the bite but these delightful little beings were so light. It was like eating whipped cream but flavored in chocolate but they were not whipped cream. They were just so soft and so right for the whole torte.

Oh yes I finished it along with the brewed coffee I ordered with it. It was indeed the perfect ending to a great dinner which started at Zensho’s. Always great conversations, great food and great company! Thanks again friend L!


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