20 December 2011

On The Tummy Spot: Eating Japanese at Zensho’s Eat-All-You-Can Buffet

When I hear Japanese food, I always equate it to great food with more than the average price, after all they use good and fresh ingredients so I always expect to pay more than the average when eating in a Japanese restaurant. I’ve had Japanese in Cebu and here in Manila and they don’t disappoint. They rarely do! Just a few months back (so sorry for the late post), me and friend L decided to do a catch up lunch and she suggested a Japanese eat-all-you-can feast at Zensho’s in Tomas Morato. I haven’t heard of Zensho before but friend L said that it was value for money at around 595++ so I jumped at the chance. Japanese is Japanese!

Now what was more delightfully surprising was the fact that it wasn’t a buffet spread where all the dishes they had on their menu were showcased in chafing dishes and such but rather it was an a-la-carte type of buffet where you just order anything you want on their menu and they will cook it for you. This for me was a great plus. As a diner, you get your food freshly cooked and you are sure that you aren’t getting leftovers. As for Zensho, it ensures them that they will not waste so much food. Quite a win-win situation for both sides. Friend L and I started ordering from our appetizers to our main dish and also the side dishes.

Our first appetizer was one of their bestsellers – Oyster Motoyaki! Plump and buttery oysters served in their shells with this really creamy and buttery sauce. This was creamily delicious and I believe we finished off 3 orders with around 20 oysters between the both of us. This was really deliciously sinful. Friend L and I agreed this was really one of their bestsellers. Who could resist it! 

Then, of course assorted sashimi – from salmon, tuna, tangigue and crab sticks. We had our fill of fresh and juicy fish.

Friend L then introduced me to Tofu Agedashi – Crispy fried tofu on the outside and silken goodness on the inside. Tofu should always be this good. It was bathed in a soya and green onion sauce with that distinctly Japanese flavor. We had 2 or 3 orders of this very healthy tofu dish.

For a refresher, we had some Yasai Kani salad. Cucumber and mango strips mixed together with crabstick strips make for a very refreshing salad topped with some fish roe. Cool and light. The perfect go-between! Of course we had some California maki rolls. Mango, crabstick and cucumber little strips rolled with Japanese rice and wrapped in seaweed. A Japanese dining experience wouldn’t be complete without it.

For our star dish, we had order after order of one of my most favorite things to eat – Ebi Tempura. We had several orders of this yummy fried goodness. Crispy and light batter enclosing meaty and juicy shrimps. Absolute heaven! Friend L and I had no problem stuffing ourselves with piece after piece of this heavenly morsel.

We also had this chicken dish and I forgot what it was called (This reminds me to make my blog posts very current! J). It was also good. 

Everything that I ate at Zensho really made me happy and the service was also good. I had no complaints and had only my big tummy to show for it. As always a food trip with friend L is GREAT. Good food, good friends and great conversation! Thank you friend L for another great food trip date! Until the next time!


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