13 November 2011

On the Tummy Spot: Cebu Tales - My East West Café Love Affair

With the July visit, of course I always make the time and this time lots of it to spend at East,West since I was on somewhat work mode so I made the café my home base. Frankly I can’t think of any other place that I would feel comfortable in. My good friend A was there and stalwart friends R and L were nearby so this was the perfect location.

And of course, I stocked up on my usual favorites from their menu to quench my drooling dreams of those delicious crepe and pasta favorites of mine. It was like coming home! The anticipation I felt going in and through the doors and looking at the familiar food items just made me nostalgic. Yes, I had spent the better part of my college life here and of course with friend A. She gave me lots of funny, hilarious, love-affair moments and I was going down memory lane when I got inside the store.

First on the must-eats is a favorite – The Mango Sushi. Fat juicy portions of mangoes wrapped inside light and tasty crepes laden with their signature east west sauces and drizzled with some butterscotch and finally for the big finale topped with vanilla ice cream. Who can resist that?! Over the years, I have had my share of eating this sweet creation and one thing I can say for sure, the taste remains true as what it was before to what it is now.

Next is another all-time favorite – The Bananas and Hazelnut Crepe. A secret combination of chocolate and hazelnut flavors spread all over the crepe then topped with banana slices then crowned with vanilla ice cream and slivers of toasted almonds and butterscotch sauce again to round it all up. This is one of those dessert items I won’t be tired of eating. Hmmm…brings back memories yet again! 

Third on the eat list was the – Clubhouse Sandwich. As usual this savory and yummy crepe is good enough to share so I did with friends R and L. Stack after stack of savory east, west crepes interchanging with the chicken filling and drizzled with yet again their own signature east west sauces on a bed of a special tomato sauce. This was filling and hearty and satisfied me and my friends and filled us with nostalgia because we remember so many conversations over this delicious and savory crepe.

Next, my favorite pasta item – Pasta Aligue. Aligue generously mixed in with al dente spaghetti noodles and some flaked tuyo with shiitake mushrooms sprinkled with some green onions make for a unique and one-of-a-kind pasta dish which will surely be something to remember.

There is also some bar chow that could be had at east,west and these delightful items we had with some of their signature cocktail drinks like the Purple Aura! We had chicken fingers. They were crisp and the chicken was cooked right together with some real potato chips. This alone might prove to be your dinner if you were eating it by yourself but it’s really great bar chow. 

If you want chips, they also have it complete with a Mexican style salsa which you can share with 3-4 people along with that pitcher of cocktail! Now you know why I’m a big fan of this place. From the appetizers to the main course and dessert, they all have it along with their coffee and cocktail drinks. Complete one-stop café! It was perfect for me when I was on vacation and still working. For me, it's really the crepes that make my visit always worthwhiley yummy!

Until my next East,West visit! I already miss you and friend A.


P.S. The photos are courtesy of Anne Rose Minoza! 
I did not eat all the items I just described in my post in 1 session. I was there for a few days! ;)

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