13 October 2011

Ding Qua Qua: On Another Cebu Visit

I actually came from Cebu a few months back, it was around July and I was there for a surprise yet welcome addition for the completion of one of the items on my bucket list. Thank you to all who made this possible. I was anticipating the trip already and dreaming of all the good stuff that I will soon be eating! I can’t help but be crazy for food. This is one of my major addictions. Food in all forms, kinds, cuisines and etc.. I am not really picky and would consider myself as an adventurous foodie because I have no qualms with trying the odd and unexpected. Truth be told, I have tasted bat meat and a few other things which I consider exotic. I am that passionate about it. So here I was, face to face with Cebu again. The place of good and inexpensive food and I couldn’t wait to frequent a few of my old haunts just to get a taste of yesterdays!

One of those that was on my “To Eat” list was dimsum and steamed rice in Cebu. Although I am a Binondo goer and I always have access to all the dimsums I want, there is one item that I can’t seem to find in Binondo or Manila for that matter, they are the Steamed Rice in the dimsum places of Cebu. This steamed, savory goodness always makes my mouth water just by thinking of how they would taste once I get my hands on them. Loosely packed steamed rice doused with a special gravy and bits and pieces of soft pork with some vegetables. The gravy does it for this food item. I can’t find any type of gravy elsewhere to match the taste of what Ding Qua Qua has to offer. There are also other dimsum places with steamed rice but Ding Qua Qua is the favorite along with that dimsum place in Ayala – the name of which I forgot!

Alongside my steamed rice order, I also got some steamed siomai and some stuffed prawns. They were as delicious as I remembered them. The stuffed prawns were meaty and shrimpy (if there is such a word). I could taste the bits and pieces of shrimp along with the stuffing. The sweet and sour sauce was the perfect foil for this along with some ginger sauce!

I also got some steamed siomai and they tasted more or less the ones that always have in Binondo but there is that distinct taste of which only Ding Qua’s siomai have. 

Again, I would say that the star of this lunch feast was really the steamed rice. I have been craving for that particular food item for a long time now and I finally satisfied my tummy but then again that was way back in July and it is now October. I miss it again!!!


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