04 September 2011

A Foodie Destination: Witchy Crazy Mommy’s Home

One lazy Sunday, friend Witchy Crazy Mommy and hubby invited me over to their house for a housewarming party. They had just transferred to a new condo and now they were living in a posh neighborhood in Eastwood. It was like a mini city and I think they made a good move because I did feel that their old neighborhood was a bit scary especially with baby S in tow so this move was really nice. It may be a little bit farther but it really is a nice place.

Brother B fetched me, my crazy sister and Z from our place and we proceeded to go to Eastwood. When we arrived at the condo, what greeted me was an assortment of ingredients on the table and a busy Witchy Crazy Mommy. She was still preparing our fare and boy what a delicious and humungous lunch it turned out to be. Brother B also brought some good old “Ngohiong Cebu” for us complete with the spicy dip of which I am a huge fan off. I couldn’t help myself and got a piece of ngohiong and were they really great. I missed that ngohiong! Crunchy kinda greasy outside and spicy soft inside together with that equally spicy dipping sauce. One thing I forgot to bring though was a housewarming present. I promise to make this up to you Jho!

Witchy Crazy Mommy was busy with her dishes as she was making them from scratch. She told me she had pre prepared the pork leg for our crispy pata and soon after we were helping her to fry it. All that crispy skin and meaty pork was making my mouth water. 

Aside from that, she also prepare sushi for us. A variety of sushi and it was so great to look at super appetizing. 

I also spied some shabu shabu items all together. Variety after variety of them! She told me she was making some broth with dashi for it. I love her house. Everytime I am in their home, Witchy Crazy Mommy always feeds us delicious stuff so her house is a favorite foodie destination of mine. I’m hoping we can have Christmas dinner with Beef Wellington? Heheheheh!

When we finally started to eat, I didn’t know where to start and after a while I felt so full and happy and satisfied plus we had some good red wine. Happy lunch with happy friends and good wine. It was indeed a great Sunday! Thanks Mark, Jho, Bens, Bri, Krizzy, S and Z!



Witchy Crazy Mommy said...

Glad you liked it, I feel honored since you're like one of the best food critics I know. Luv Yah!

BisayaInManila said...

Jho, now im blushing with the comment "one of the best food critics". hahahaha! back at ya! love you! mwah!

raqgold said...

i love looking at food pics!!! i love it more if am eating them... and oooppss, i guess i need to update your blog name in my link.

Maria Regina Aguilar said...

hello :)

just dropping by. i was blog hopping and your site caught me because i'm a cebuana who will be moving to manila soon.


BisayaInManila said...

Hi Maria Regina,

Thanks for stopping by...Hope you will enjoy the urbanized living of Manila.


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