03 August 2011

A Visit to the Saturday Salcedo Market

When I first heard of the Saturday Salcedo Market, I think it was way back a few years ago when it first made its debut into the food list of people in the Metro. It instantly became a hit because aside from the variety of food being offered; sometimes you can actually get the actual owners of these food brands behind the makeshift counters and trying to make small talk with you about their products/food items. This is one of the things that I particularly like because it somehow makes you a bit close to the food that you are eating and knowing a little bit of history and knowledge regarding that delicious bite of food that you are about to chomp down on. Also, their location was great. Right smack in the park greens where you can enjoy your food finds on the stone benches or right on the grass like a picnic.

Over the years, it has evolved and more and more stall owners are joining and now you can have fresh seafood items being sold there as well. Those gigantic and for sure really delicious tiger prawns and others. 

The food choices now include the more exotic fare to the international ones ranging from the fried frog legs of Pampanga to the more international crepes from a French guy and those delightful German sausages which can more than fill your empty stomach. Truth be told, venturing on your own into the market might be interesting but being with friends make it even more so because with friends you can share food finds and thereby taste and experience more gastronomic delights and of course, food is always better when shared with friends! ;) Also one important note, the serving portions in the Saturday market are most of the time good for sharing so please bring a friend or two.

One such Saturday in June, me and a few food loving friends went to the Salcedo market in the morning to experience and sample the delights they had to offer. Here in this post are various food stuffs we have tried and seen.

Passing by the right side of the market, I saw incredibly mouth watering pastries and I even saw a delicious looking pecan pie but alas I was not able to try this out as I was already so full from the savory dishes that I did not have room for dessert already. 

Right next to the pecan pie were these absolutely delightful French macaroons!

On to the other stalls, I saw mounds and mounds of paella, with different variations. From the regular paella valenciana to the more interesting paella negra which was sinfully and blackishly delish. 

There were also little yummy Japanese pancakes which can have fillings ranging from choco chips, cream cheese, bacon and other goodies.

I even got a glimpse of freshly made takoyaki balls which I wanted to try and compare to the ones that I had tasted in Little Tokyo but again, I wasn't able to try them out. For sure next time, I will pop one in my mouth. 

We also had some tequila infused pasta and some finger-lickin good grilled ribs which were really meaty and so wonderfully savory.

As always, it was a good, tummy filling experience I will not so soon forget since after the Salcedo Market, we also did a trip to Mercato Centrale…Now that’s for the next post already.

Do take some time to explore the gustatory delights of the Saturday Salcedo Market and have a leisurely lunch at the park. While you’re at it, you can also add some of your favorite greens to your herb garden as well because I saw a vendor selling potted herbs and some other wonderful spices and flavorings for the cook in you.

As I said, enjoying the Saturday Salcedo Market is always better with good food-loving friends around!



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