28 August 2011

On The Tummy Spot: Dome Cafés Churros

One early morning with A and Z in tow, we trooped together to Shangri-La on some fun business. Since the mall wasn’t open for operations yet, we decided to hang out in one of the open cafe’s situated inside Shangri-La. I had seen Dome Café before but haven’t really tried or explored it. I’d rather just go on a Starbucks fix so this was really one of those “first” moments.

I didn’t really fancy coffee so A and I decided on having a nice hot pot of mint tea. They brought us little “DOME” cups and a big pot of hot minty tea. On the side of the cups, they had these little nice biscuits which I guessed were accompaniments to the tea. The tea was refreshing and soothing at the same time. Just right to make us calm down after that long bus ride from home. 

I also scanned their menu for any item/dish that I would fancy together with the tea and I saw that they had Churros. I quickly ordered these and the waitress told me that I would have to wait for a few minutes because they make the Churros ala carte to ensure the freshness of the pastry.

After like 20 minutes of waiting, I followed up on my order and after 5 minutes or so, they came out with the most golden and lovely looking churros which made me cringe in anticipation. Immediately the smell of the cinnamon sugar wafted to my nostrils and I could feel my mouth beginning to water. I saw that beside the churros, there was a bowlful of thick and rich, yummy looking chocolate dip. When I first took a bite of the churros, I was mesmerized with the crispiness of the outside crust and the lightness and fluffy softness of the inside. The churros were warm and this even made the eating experience more pleasurable. I then dipped the churros into the luscious dark chocolate and it was heaven! The chocolate was kind of bittersweet and it didn’t taste like any local chocolate I had tried. It was not too sweet and it was just the right pairing with the churros. I quickly gobbled it up and got myself another churro stick. The mint tea was the perfect foil to the richness of the churros and chocolate and it was a really nice morning tea break for us.

I will definitely go back to Dome for their Churros!


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raqgold said...

you know what, i love churros, too. when we were in spain, i wanted to taste the real spanish churros but we were disappointment (the girls love the manila churros, too)... baka siguro dahil sanay lang sa lasa ng manila style churros :-D

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