07 August 2011

Having A Happy Drink At Happy Lemon

The same day that I and a few friends went to the Saturday Salcedo Market and Mercato Centrale, we also stopped by Greenhills in San Juan to do a little bit of shopping and afterwards we wanted to rest our tired feet a bit and refresh ourselves with a drink. My friend AM told me that Happy Lemon serves really rockin’ drinks so we headed to the Promenade in Greenhills and went inside the Happy Lemon Store.

The inside was very welcoming and quite cozy with chairs suited to accommodate groups and there was quite a long line at the counter so I guess that was a testament to how good the drinks were. I saw that there was a drink there that had Yakult and I was happy. I love Yakult! I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid and my grandfather would buy it for me every afternoon in CdeO. I revisit happy childhood memories with Yakult. On initial inspection I assumed that the drinks were quite rich and frankly I felt that my tummy could not hold it all. But I really wanted to try it so much so I ordered what friend AM suggested to me was good - green tea with rock salt and cheese and I figured it would be a pretty refreshing drink, it being green tea and all.

When I got it, I noticed that there was this thick foam on top and some green powder which I think is green tea powder. Friend AM suggested I try the thick foam and boy was I surprised with the mixture of flavors in that foam. I could taste the rock salt, the cheesy cheese and the lightness of the foam which they sat on. The salt was the perfect foil to it all. It consolidated all the flavors well. I expected the drink to be quite rich and lo and behold, it wasn’t. In fact it was a great, light and refreshing green tea with the thick and foamy savory/sweet top. Really good! I enjoyed my first happy lemon experience and I am a satisfied happy lemon customer looking forward to more happy experiences.

Now, I can’t wait to try the other ones in the store!

P.S. Have you tried to have your Happy Lemon experience already?

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