06 June 2011

My Binondo Foodie Adventures Part V: Shin Din Kha Maki Place

I didn’t know what Maki was before I set foot in Binondo and my mom explained to me that it was kind of a sticky soupy broth with either pork or beef together with some noodles. I saw this menu item in the Eng Bee Tin restaurant and they were offering it either in fish, pork or beef maki.

My initial experience with Maki was in Super Bowl of China when my friend Witchy Crazy Mommy brought me there and I blogged about it here. I got the feeling that I did not really taste the deliciousness of the broth because the soup was too sticky for me. It tasted starchy somewhat. I am not really sure if it is supposed to taste starchy but I expected more so I vowed to go in search of a really good Maki experience because friend Jho tells me that it is really good if the Maki was cooked right.

One afternoon together with Mama, we went to Binondo because we were buying some stuff and I thought to drop by this Maki place which I always see when I go to Wai Ying (one of my favorite restos along Salazar St.). It’s a sort of cozy and small restaurant and their specialty is Maki. When we went inside, we were immediately seated and we decided on what kinds of Maki to order. I got their pork Maki while mom got the beef Maki. We both ordered the smaller snack orders but we should have just gotten one because a snack order was really plenty for the both of us so we ended up feeling so full after.

When I tried the broth, I get the feeling of thickness but my tongue could discern the clean lines of the tasty broth too. It was good. I couldn’t stop eating it. The noodles were cooked just right and not pasty at all. Al dente as they would say. The broth really was the clincher for me. Clean, flavorful pork and beef taste that cut through the starchy element. I loved it! 

We also tried and ordered their jumbo siomai’s but Wai Ying’s is better tasting. 

The fresh lumpia that Mama got was just okay. The fresh lumpia we always get along Ongpin Street was better. This really is a Maki place and I want to go back and sample the other Maki offerings they have. But so far, it was good for me.


P.S. If you are a Maki connoisseur and you’ve been to Shin Din Kha and found it lacking, I would appreciate a tip on where a good Maki place is so I can compare. :)

Shin Din Kha Maki Place
08-A Benavidez cor. Salazar Sts., Binondo
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


Witchy Crazy Mommy said...

I like!

Anonymous said...

Definitely Ha Yuan in Mo. Ignacia, QC!

Anonymous said...

Ha Yuan near St.Paul church in QC still has the best for me.

BisayaInManila said...

Hi Anynomous,

Not familiar with that place.. If you can give me directions, I will gladly check it out..Am always in search of good food places..


Anonymous said...

Panciteria Manosa at Ongpin St. The original is still the best!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Ongpin Panciteria Manosa and Maki Place came from the same owners. The latter is operated by the descendants of the original owner.

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