23 May 2011

Sweet Talks: Getting down and chocolatey at Max Brenner Greenbelt 5

Calling all ye chocolate fiends, Max Brenner at Greenbelt 5 will surely tickle your mouth with the array of visually stimulating sweets that makes you want to order everything they have on their menu. I am one of them.

Over the years, I have quite gotten over that addiction to chocolate and now only have small portions if it is available or around the house. I don’t crave for it like I did when I was a kid. But there are some things that I would immediately go for like chocolate with chili. I feel that it feeds my adventurous spirit more and I am also one of those who prefer the bittersweet and dark chocolates over the sweeter and milky ones. Honestly, they make my throat itchy but there is the occasional Milky Way bar which I do really like.

One occasion after a good dinner with friends, we went straight ahead to Max Brenner at Greenbelt 5. The interiors I think were made to contrast with the dark brown and rich chocolate because it was a white heaven. Once inside you would then notice this big vat of a machine which is mixing a ton of liquid chocolate. I think my chocolate loving friends would go gaga over this one.

Since I was still full from dinner, I ordered myself a chocolate drink – their “Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate”. I am always in agreement that chocolate and chilis are a perfect pair and this drink just bolted it in for me. Rich and creamy bittersweet chocolate with that spicy kick of hotness in its aftertaste that leaves you wanting for more coupled with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg flavors which are one of my all time favorite spices. It was hot, creamy, spicy, velvety, rich and satisfyingly chocolatey. This would be perfect for a cold rainy night. I have to remind myself to experiment on doing this one at home. It would be absolutely fantastic! 

Friend M ordered their “Crystal Sugar Churros Fondue”, I didn’t get to taste them so I know I will be coming back for it but it was visually stimulating as well. 3 round shaped churros which I am sure are really good and they are paired with some muddled raspberries and a dark chocolate dip, both on the side. Will definitely be coming back to check this out.

Dessert has got to have at least a cake in the repertoire so friend J ordered this gigantic and absolutely flavorful white chocolate and macadamia cake. Absolutely very light and fluffy cake and in between is a combination of white chocolate and macadamia nut icing. The macadamia and white chocolate went very well together. The cake was not so sweet also which is a good one in my books was. The icing was not so much that it overpowered the cake and the taste left me feeling as if I wanted to take a bite out of it again and again even if I was full.

I’d got to give it to Max Brenner to make those really sinful dessert treats. I will be coming back for more.

Price Range is around 200-500/dish. If you are in the mood to splurge and get yourself a chocolate romance, then this would be right on the spot.

My Rating:

Ambience: 8/10
Taste: 8/10
Staff: 9/10

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