19 May 2011

Resto Feature: Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt 5

It was my first time to eat at Krazy Garlik and I expected a wild garlicky adventure with my tastebuds and the experience just left me wanting more as I felt that I could have had a more garlicky dinner. There is always a next time. I did want to try out that 40 cloves garlic chicken entrée dish in their menu. Note to self.

I was out with good friends that night and before having dinner at Krazy Garlik, me and friend J had already downed glasses of margarita at another Greenbelt bar for our cocktails. The margarita was at a good price since it was happy hour and it made us look forward to a great dinner.

Outside of the restaurant, I could already see its interiors and get a feel for the ambiance of the place. It exuded a sort of bistro-like and informal dining scene inside the posh exteriors of one of the latest Greenbelt areas constructed. It was kind of dim with sofa chairs at the sides and wooden chairs all around. The wooden chairs I did not find that comfortable. I think the sofa chairs would have been better. But anyways, since it was kind of full with the dinner crowd, I looked forward to the dinner.

We started out with vegetable samosas filled with cream cheese and spinach. This is one heck of a way to eat your vegetables. The outside of the samosa was fried to a crisp and inside it was a creamy and green filling which kind of felt velvety inside the mouth. The vegetable and light taste of the spinach sort of balanced out the heaviness and creaminess of the cream cheese. There were 6 samosas to that one appetizer plate. As far as I was concerned, I was quite happy with the start of dinner.

I ordered a serving of Spaghetti Vongole for myself. I think I was kind of craving for this after watching that Koreanovela which had this pasta as the main feature in their show. Al dente spaghetti noodles tossed together with fresh clams that have been sautéed in some olive oil with the addition of those sweet and luscious cherry tomatoes, garlic and white wine. This was a very light pasta dish without the heaviness of a cream or tomato sauce. I vowed to myself that I would experiment with this pasta dish soon. The clams were sweet and soft and they went well with the white wine and added the taste of the sea in that dish. The dish is actually okay for sharing with 1 other person. It was that generous. I am not sure though if this Vongole was really good as I can’t remember my other Vongole adventures before. I will really try this dish out in other restaurants and see how this one stands up.

Friend J and M ordered the Hara Kiri rice which was one of their house specialties. It was fried rice doused with chilies, bacon, shrimps and squid. I wasn’t able to get a taste out of this rice but will make sure to try it next time. It did look hot and delicious though.

They also got the Rogue Seafood Coconut Curry which was a medley of spicy flavors and seafood. Sauteed shrimps and squid slathered in a red coconut curry sauce. This was definitely a rich and savory entrée with a kick. 

The next main course we got which was the White Fish Fillet with Creamy Seafood. The fish fillet they used was creamy dory. Creamy dory isn’t really known for its flavor so the accompanying sauces and other elements in the dish will need to lend an extra hand to the fish. This dish was just okay though and not really that spectacular, the scallop sauce was really creamy and buttery and the shrimps cooked just right. The fish was as creamy as its name. It was a tender and a melt-in-your-mouth consistency that exploded in my mouth with the first bite. The sauce really did help a lot to alleviate the flavor of this dish as well as the addition of the shrimps.

Price range for this restaurant would be around 300-500 for a dish. Make sure you bring ample cash. ;)

All in all I had a super nice time. Thanks to friend M for the dinner treat. It was nice to reconnect with friends again over good food. Always a pleasure! 

My rating for Krazy Garlik:

Ambience - 6/10 
Staff - 8/10
Food - 7/10

Location: Krazy Garlik Makati
2nd Floor Greenbelt 5
Tel. Nos. 501-37-52 up to 53

Note: Dear Readers, I will be giving you tastier photos soon. Watch out for it! :)

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