14 March 2011

My Binondo Foodie Adventures Part IV: Wai Ying Take 2

You’ll probably be thinking by now that this restaurant must be one of my favorites because this is actually my 2nd if not 3rd entry. It is one of my favorites because not only do they serve really good Chinese food, they are also not so heavy on the pocket and that is something else. Even if I have to travel from my house to Manila to eat, I don’t really mind as long as I know I am getting value for my money. And also because my mother loves going to Binondo and getting her fill as well.

It was Chinese New Year and the streets were filled with merrymaking and dragon dances all over. Fireworks here and there made it so much noisier than the usual. Red was the predominant color of the day. This was my 2nd visit for February with the first one together with friend Bel who was in town for a convention. I will basically just summarize the new food items I had tried during the 2 visits since most of the time we still order the same items on their menu which are as I would like to dub them “staples” like the siomai’s, spareribs, hakao and etc.

Before the Chinese New Year visit, I went there with Bel and we ordered the same things they usually offer but then there was this one food item which I have wanted to try out but never got the chance and Bel also wondered about it so we tried it out. It was actually named Chongfan and you can have it either shrimp or pork flavored. We had shrimp and it was good. It was drowned in sauce and it was a new thing altogether. Tasted good but nothing really remarkable and I finally satisfied my curiosity about it.


For the Chinese New Year I went there with mama, Z and Z and we ate brunch since I had to be home again before 1pm for work so we woke pretty much early and I had just a cup of coffee for breakfast which made me hungry for dimsum.

Dragons everywhere and in all sizes and Chinatown was a sight to behold during the New Year festivities. We first bought some Eng Bee Tin staples – hopia in lots of flavors and of course the tikoy for when we get home. Mama usually prepares it by dipping it in egg and then frying it in the pan. So yummy! Nothing beats it. We also bought some siomai for later in the house also and other yummy stuff.

When we got to Wai Ying, we ordered some fried rice, spareribs (which were as delicious as ever), siomai, hakao, raddish cake (in keeping with the Chinese New Year) and we tried out their noodle soups. We had pork noodle soup and I forgot the exact name already.

We then ordered the raddish cake was super light. Same as taro cake but it had dried shrimps in it and the texture is a bit watery/soft. Personally I prefer the taro cake to this.

The pork noodle soup was something else entirely. The broth was served separate from the noodles and pork slices. We had a big bowl of broth (which was really delicious), a plateful of noodles with the pork slices and it also had a kind of sweet and spicy sauce atop it. We didn’t know how to eat this one since it was a first so we just dumped the noodles little by little into the broth and then ate it from there. The single order was good for 3 people if I may say so myself and there were even some leftovers still. Whew, talk about a big bowl of soup. It was so very filling that I went away feeling that my breakfast and lunch were done.

All in all a great Chinese New Year!!!


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