02 February 2011

On The Tummy Spot: Dolsot Bibimbap at Kaya Restaurant in SM Megamall

Admittedly I am a Korean food lover. I find their love for vegetables and spicy foods very similar to my own as well as their styles in cooking and I am always in the lookout for very authentic and yummy Korean food fare.

One day in SM Megamall when I was on the way to our staff meeting with my workmates, I arrived very very early so I decided to grab some lunch before the meeting. I walked through the busy halls of SM Megamall and finally chanced on a familiar sight - Kaya Restaurant. I remember that I had eaten Bibimbap at a Kaya restaurant in Glorietta 2 years ago when I first heard of Bibimbap so I wanted to relive that experience again because I am very challenged to produce Bibimbap on my own although I've been experimenting on a few Korean dishes lately.

I got myself seated by the receptionist and I preceded to check out the menu. Noticeably so, I think I was the only Filipino eating there. I was in the company of Koreans so I guess that was my indication that they served pretty good Korean food for Koreans to patronize their place.

I, of course, ordered their Dolsot Bibimbap. Dolsot meaning stone pot and then Bibimbap which is rice topped with different vegetables and a raw egg yolk at the center with sprinklings of sesame seeds and served together with some gochujang (chili pepper paste). I am a big fan of gochujang and I even have some stock of it in my own pantry. I also ordered some Ginseng tea to go with it.

I waited for quite some time but my wait wasn't in vain. The Dolsot Bibimbap arrived hot on my table and I could still hear the sizzle of the rice. I put some chili pepper paste and then mixed up all of the vegetables and rice on the bowl and started to eat it. It was very hearty and very filling for that cold afternoon and I loved it. The taste was all that I wanted it to be. I loved the crispy rice at the bottom of the pot and the raw egg yolk as well as the assorted veggies on top. It makes for a very healthy and filling meal all by itself. Best eaten hot! I almost burned my tongue because I was so eager to eat all of it. Hehehehehhe! Now, writing this, I am yearning for more and I think it may be time for me to learn how to do it myself. I'd have to find a stone pot first though. I want the whole experience.

I wasn't able to try out the other menu items but I truly enjoyed Kaya's Dolsot Bibimbap now and then.

Do wait for my next Korean food article as I discovered a really nice hole-in-the-wall Korean place which served authentic Korean food and gave me lots of Banchan too. For those who are not familiar with Banchan, it is a variety of side dishes that Korean households and restaurants normally serve. I looked for them in Kaya but Kaya does not give you Banchan when you eat at their restaurant.

P.S. Photo was taken with my Iphone. No edits done! :)

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