31 October 2010

My Binondo Foodie Adventures: Part III - Wai Ying

To date my most loved find thanks to friend Cherry, Wai Ying never fails to amaze and satisfy me. Friend C first brought me here for a foodie trip. Their dimsums were just sublime and they evoked memories of my dimsum experience way back in Cebu. For years here in Manila, I have tried to find the exact taste that I enjoyed with Cebu dimsum and then I was brought to Wai Ying. So far I have never visited Binondo without a visit to Wai Ying, may it be for dimsum or for their great coffee(siphon method). 

Next up on the list is their hakaw. These were plump and juicy shrimp dumplings which were wrapped in a thin wrapper and best eaten with the chili and soy sauce. The hakaw's were a joy to taste. Wai-Ying did not scrimp on their ingredients and this is a good thing!

I also enjoy their Taro Cake. Savory taro made into cake and deep fried. It tastes like pork but without all that fat. :)

They are also famous for their asado menu item. Wai Ying is a pretty small restaurant and it easily gets packed especially during the weekends. Fronting their restaurant is a display of an assortment of meats ranging from duck, chicken and pork. For pork, you have the asado style, for the chicken - soy chicken (with a very delicious ginger sauce made of minced ginger, green onions and some sesame oil methinks) and for the duck - peking style or in a mami.

Siomai is another staple and so far, it is the taste I have been looking for. I don't need to fly to Cebu to get my dimsum fix. There is just nearby Binondo and I have been there almost every month. Sometimes just to enjoy walking along its streets or when I have need of Chinese medicine or just for my dimsum fix or my mahu craving. Eventhough mama knows how to make mahu, it does take a lot of effort to make and sometimes a trip to Shin Ton Yon in Binondo can give you the Mahu or Kikiam you have been dying to eat.

On to the next Binondo adventure. I think I am still halfway as I know there are a lot of great restaurants in Binondo and I have yet to eat in their famed "Estero". 

Note: Wai Ying has this tendency to always be full so you might find yourself on the waiting line for a table. Don't worry, the food is always worth it!!! I might also do another Wai Ying article but this time focusing on their other menu items. I heart Wai Ying....


Unknown said...

i want to go back and eat more! :) should try the taro cake next time as well...

BisayaInManila said...

Hi Bel, lami jud to..its like fried pork tapos without the fat. :)

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