17 October 2010

My Binondo Foodie Adventures: Part II - Royal Garden Restaurant

Basing on my posts, you should know by now that I am in love with Binondo. It's nooks and crannies never fail to fascinate me. I can go through Ongpin St. many times and never get tired of it. So does my mama and papa. They are avid food lovers and Chinese food always has a special place in their heart. 

When my Uncle B from the States visited us for my other Uncle's wedding celebration, I suggested a trip to Binondo for all of the family. I had told my Uncle B that I would take him to dimsum places in Binondo. He knows the place but he isn't well versed as to where to eat. He has only ever eaten at President's Tea House when Binondo has so much more to offer. 

Papa was pretty much excited as he has long wanted to visit Binondo to eat but he wasn't able to because it is quite far from where we live. Anyway, I couldn't get enough of their dimsum and the best part, it was very affordable. We had like about 20 dimsum baskets of assorted yummies. 

I then got in touch with friend C (who lives in Binondo) about where to go for a really great authentic Dimsum experience. She said to try out Royal Garden along Ongpin corner Padilla Street. It is not hard to find since it is literally at the corner of that street. Friend CB tells me that this place serves really authentic Dimsum and I have to agree that they did after the first bite. 

We had fish head in black bean sauce which surprisingly was good. The fish head had little meat but the sauce which accompanied this was the bomb.

Papa and Uncle B also enjoyed these wonderfully cooked and seasoned pig's intestines. Trust me, I thought it would be bad but I enjoyed myself thoroughly. 

We also had steamed chicken wings. Really fall of the bone tender chicken goodness. 

We also had the spareribs which were great and this peculiar looking dimsum made out of kani wrapped in vermicelli. This was a unique and delicious addition. Don't forget, chicken feet galore. You gotta love 'em.We also got some fried rice which was rice and viand enough for anybody. 

Some pancit canton, which wasn't really their strong suit, and a host of other dishes that I could no longer recall. Oh! We also had this really great curried squid which was something really different and delish for me. 

We also had these huge meatballs which are akin to the meatballs used in spaghetti although these were really huge and packed so much that I wasn't able to finish 1. 

Of course, we also had siomai which was really great. 

Sharksfin dumplings are also a must in this restaurant. They were just delish. 

All in all, I had a great and authentic Dimsum experience although the ambiance left a lot to be desired.

A must-eat place when you visit Binondo. You have got to try them out and the good thing is, they are open 24 hours so no need to wait for your dimsum fix. 

Royal Garden Restaurant
Open 24 hours
Located at the corner of Padilla and Ongpin Streets.

Happy Eating!


Kri said...

Who is CB??? hahahaha. I like your blog!

BisayaInManila said...

Hi Kri,

Thanks for stopping by! hahahaha! I'm sure you know by now who CB is....:)


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