03 October 2010

American Cuisine - Mr Jones @ Greenbelt

Burgers, Fries and Milkshakes - these are what come to mind whenever we think about American cuisine. These 3 are the trademarks (or at least I'd like to think so) of American cuisine. When my friend Karlo was here one weekend, he was wanting to explore the burger cuisine in town as he considers himself a burger fan and is always on the lookout for great burgers. We decided to haunt Greenbelt and try Mr. Jones. It's this burger joint which is themed like those American diners.

They had red vinly seats and a menu boasting of American favorites. I heard they are quite well known for their burgers and the portions of their food. It was a bit pricey when I glanced at the menu and I wondered if it was as good as it's price.

There were actually 3 of us and we decided to order and then share because they advised us that the portions were big and BIG they really were. We only had to order 1 burger and that was good for 2 boys and me. (Whew!) 

For the appetizer, all 3 of us chose the "Threesome". It was a sight to behold. 3 kinds of appetizers served in tall glasses and they were delicious. First glass was a truffled egg salad topped with some black caviar (itsy bit of caviar). This was good. Second glass contained Old bay and fresh dill prawn louie with caper and berries and lastly the third glass was the sweet and creamy pineapple and apricot and canadian double smoked bacon macaroni. They were all good and easy on the mouth. These 3 alone made us feel quite full.

We had the Superman Burger for the main course and boy was it Super Big! Homemade 100% char grilled US beef patty with American Cheddar cheese, balsamic sweet onions atop, Hickory bbq sauce, double smoked bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on a black & white sesame bun with a pickled pepper on top. Sounds like a mouthful right and it was also a mouthful. We had trouble finishing it and it came together with a siding of abundant fries. :) 

For drinks, we had (of course) chocolate milkshake which was great. We all went home feeling a bit wuzzy and happy with what we had eaten. Good food! Good friends to share the bill! It was a nice night! Looking forward to eating with friend K and M again!

Photo Credits: The 1 photo that is not branded here is from Clickthecity.com. My apologies as my phone pictures are not that clear. Wasn't able to bring my slr camera then. :(


RON said...

woah! I'll definitely try this out when I'll be in Manila. when you said Karlo and burger, was that Matthias? anyway, u got me hungry!

BisayaInManila said...

Hey Ron! Yup..you guessed it right..our Karlo and the burger..hehehe! We always see each other when he is here for a visit...:)

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