06 June 2010

Sweet Talks: Josephine's @ Tagaytay

Yes, we were off to Tagaytay one Friday afternoon to make some arrangements with the staff regarding the wedding we were going to be holding there this coming August for my lovely cousin G and soon-to-be cousin-in-law M. It was just the right temperature for a nice and breezy afternoon to go and visit Josephine's again in Tagaytay. 

Josephine's is known for their good food. Well, aside from that we took the venue because of it's fabulous viewdeck which offers a fantastic view of Taal Lake with the Taal Volcano. Mom, K, G, Baby Z and me were off for an afternoon treat. Tagaytay's cool temperatures never cease to soothe and calm me. 

After we finished with the arrangements, we had a fun shoot with me being photog and sometimes K and then we proceeded to order some late afternoon dessert as we already had lunch at the house. We decided to check out one of the items on our wedding menu as well as get some refreshments. 

G and Me ordered flavored lattes (chocolate macadamia nut), K had iced mochacinno and Mom had iced flavored latte also (irish cream). G and I's hot flavored latte left something to be desired at PHP95.00. It was inside a small mug that I though was for the cappucino only. The size of for a latte was disappointing. I should have just gotten the iced one, at least it was bigger. Taste wasn't really something spectacular and it was okay since they are not really a coffee shop, so they are excused. Not really expecting a lot in that department.

For our cakes/desserts, G chose the Sorbeturon priced at PHP95.00. It was one of the items on her wedding dinner. And boy oh boy did I like this Filipino treat. Luscious turon with some macapuno ice cream on top. Very good! Will definitely choose this for the wedding dinner as my dessert. The bananas for the turon was not so sweet, it was just right which was something I really liked. There langka inside it too which made it tastier.

K had cappucino cheesecake. I didn't like it much as it seemed too fluffy and not really that delicious @PHP95.00. 

I had the Silvana cake @PHP95.00. This was something we all liked. The creaminess and the crispiness were just right and the sweetness not so overpowering. I liked this one.

I also ordered Baby Z some Brown Derby @ PHP85.00 which was a brownie ala mode. Heated brownies and vanilla ice cream on top with some cherry sauce at the bottom. Z loved it.

We went away full and refreshed and had fun shooting with the great background and of course, excellent company.

To the next dessert tale...

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