04 June 2010

On The Tummy Spot: Razon's Halo-Halo @SM MOA

I have heard so much talk about Razon's famous halo-halo that I was able to convince my Atsi to give it a try.

We were just strolling around in MOA and we found that they had a Razon's branch so we decided to try out this halo-halo that has been getting rave reviews from almost everyone I knew and it was even featured on TV a few times. They are a Pampanga-originated restaurant. Their halo-halo, in my opinion, was a bit pricey at PHP85/serving although later on I figured out why it was such. When it arrived on our table, it was just whitish with brown portions and not your usual colorful halo-halo that we get from Chowking. I wondered to myself, why all this hype for a colorless halo-halo. First observation was that their ice was really pulverized that it was like powder and not the usual grainy ice you find in most halo-halo's.

When we dug in and started to eat, I then knew why it was priced as such. It was so deliciously creamy that even if the ice has melted, it still tasted pretty much the same. It was so good that for the first time, I finished that 1 glassful of serving for that halo-halo (take note, I don't eat halo-halo and when I do I just usually eat off somebody else's serving because I don't like too much of it).

We also ordered dinuguan and puto but I wasn't able to take pictures of it anymore since we were quite busy eating. We also ordered a bilao of pancit luglug which I really didn't find very delicious. Pancit malabon is better but since they ran out of it already, we ordered the luglug.

It was a meatless version of malabon and it was just layered with so much crushed chicharon as topping. Overall, I'd say the halo-halo was a hit with me and that's coming from somebody who doesn't eat much of the stuff.

If ever you get to see a Razon's resto, I do suggest that you don't miss their Halo-Halo!!

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