23 April 2010

Resto Feature: RJ's Bulalohan in Mandaluyong

I have another foodie tale to tell. Another food adventure to share. Friend V and I were wanting to spend some time together hence we decided to go on another food trip in Manila. She had heard about this great bulalo place which is rumored to be one of Kris Aquino's favorite so we proceeded to check it out and see if there was really something to rave about.

And there was, the food was cheap and also delicious. Servings were great. In totality, we spent around PHP 324.00 so that's around PHP 162 each for us. Not bad. The bulalo

was so big that we were not able to finish it at all. It was tender, the broth was yummy and filling. I was busy delving into the bone marrow which is one of my favorites. Goodluck cholesterol. We ordered lumpia shanghai as a side dish and we were surprised that at PHP 45.00 there was quite a lot of it. Also delish as well.

All in all, we both had a grand time with the food and for sure we will be coming back to sample the other items offered in their menu..but trust me, their bulalo special is really something to rave about.

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