13 March 2010

Yellow Cab Pizza (Imus)

Yellow Cab - New York Style Pizzas and mouth-watering Buffalo Wings! This is really what I associate with the place. So one early dawn when mother, me, Z and Krizzy were just coming home from our UP Doraemon party, we stopped by Yellow Cab Imus. I had always wanted to check it out and I can say that the location was quite ok and the place itself, really nice with friendly staff too who were happy to accommodate us in the wee hours of the morning.

There was a new product at that time - Dear Darla Pizza. A pizza you eat with brussell sprouts and arugula which is really really good that even mother loved it. We also ordered some buffalo wings and they were absolute heaven which led me to my buffalo wing cooking sprees after. We also had some dessert in the form of ice cream in Pistachio flavor....Heavenly! Little Z was already fast asleep so she could not partake of the yummy meal we had before we went home. I look forward to the next excursion into Yellow Cab and I will be sure to order something different for the next time.

1 comment:

i♥pinkc00kies said...

love their pizza... and most especially the Charlie Chan pasta! :D

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