18 July 2009

Ding Qua Qua Moments in Cebu

On my recent trip to the Queen City of the South, I promised myself a whole lot of eating in dimsums. So far here in Manila, I haven't tried a dimsum place worth coming back to. I've always been a regular eater at Ding Qua Qua dimsum house located in JY Square Mall. It's a cozy place with good and inexpensive food. I've always done the dimsum buffet with lines of different siomai's, unending supply of steamed rice, crispy spring rolls and mountains of dessert as well as some other food items like chicken feet, beef with broccoli and the list goes on. My mouth waters just at the thought of it. I find myself yearning for another dimsum feast. That is going to be one of my quests here in Manila. To find a dimsum place worth comparing to those that I've eaten in Cebu. I had fun! The steamed rice was heaven and the siomai's were great. I stuffed my face full of dimsum knowing that I did not know when the next return would be. Nothing beats dimsum in Cebu! But hey, who knows, I might discover a great dimsum place here. To the next adventure...


ayan said...

ey opposite tyo..
ako nman Manileno in Cebu..
firstly, it really is a quest.. food prices in manila is way too high compared here in cebu.. for good dimsums..try causeway, its really good and they have specials 2-5pm yata..discounts on dimsums.. good thing though is there are lots of authentic dimsums there..try ma mon luk..or if you really wanna dig deep..go to binondo..dami dun. try estero

**btw ang hirap dito sa cebu.. they barely speak tagalog.. hassle naman kung english lagi bka sabihin mayabang hehe..hirap mgcommute tuloy..

BisayaInManila said...

Hahaha! thanks for your comment. And yes, I am a regular Binondo goer for their food..Am a bit Chinese and so me and my mom go there for the great dimsums...hmm..haven't tried causeway..where is that?

Haven't tried the estero..been wanting to do that for the longest time..will try it out soon! ive heard good reviews about it

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