05 March 2009

Resto on Feature: Som's Noodle House

Finally after much searching and planning, friend BV and I found Som's Noodle House at the back of Rockwell. It is situated in Alger St. and is not really hard to find. You just need to follow the trail of lots of people and cars and you will find it instantly. No waiter to take down your order here, you actually need to go down to the cashier's area and just order what you want. It is a very hole in the wall place and it is situated in a subdivision actually. The seats there were just monobloc chairs under big picnic umbrellas. A hole-in-the-wall place but I would not exactly say that it's still a secret. Not when fellow bloggers have already praised the resto too. So its not a secret anymore but its a good find here in Makati

For our main course, we ordered of course beef with green curry. The servings were good that it was actually good for 2 people and the price not that expensive. I loved the beef with green curry and will try the red curry next time. Another dish that we ordered was Pad Thai. Now, this dish I love. I was introduced to this dish a while back in Cebu by LemonGrass, this nice resto which I think was a fusion of Vietnamese and Thai dishes. Som's pad thai was a plateful and it had big chicken bits, generous helping of bean sprouts and of course the nuts but the taste was not really that good compared to the one that I tasted in LemonGrass but still it was not bad considering the cheap price and the serving. We also had of course the main staple, bagoong rice complete with servings of green mango, omelette and the meat. The meat was quite dry but otherwise the bagoong rice was a big enough portion for both of us.

Still not bad for a total bill of PHP 360.00. Split into 2 thats around PHP 180.00/each. Not bad and I loved their beef green curry.


ayan said...

i love soms.. argh..miss it..
try mo halo-halo ng razons..these foods makes me wanna go back to manila..daym..hehe

BisayaInManila said...

hahaha! Masarap dun ano..tapos food is cheap pa by Manila standards...:) try ko nga halo halo ng razons...:)
balik na..and kain!

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