17 January 2009

Post Christmas Celebration at Mommy Z & Daddy J's house: Another French cuisine experience...

Last December 28, Mommy Z & Daddy J hosted another small dinner for me at their quaint and comfy house together with cousin J, cousin I and his girlfriend M. Another dinner party filled with mouth-watering dishes, abundant red wine, excellent dessert and good conversation. I just came from our high school reunion the night before and was kind of tired that I welcomed the intimate family gathering that night. For the food, I was so excited that I could not wait to get to their house. I knew lamb was going to be the main course since I had mentioned to them that I wanted to eat lamb so they kindly accommodated my request and I love them for it. Especially Mommy Z for cooking away in the kitchen. The table was a sight to behold.

For the antipasti, Mommy Z just assembled an Italian dish – Prosciutto with Melon Balls. Slivers of prosciutto arranged around the plate and in the center was a small pile of melon balls. Quite simply delicious. On the salad side was my all time favorite and Mommy Z made it as per my request (I just love Mommy Z). The salad were medium sized prawns drenched in olive oil, basil, lemon and spices to create that Lemony Shrimp Salad.

For the fish course Mommy Z baked tuna and paired it with 2 kinds of sauces: green pepper sauce and the mustard sauce. The verdict-the mustard sauce pretty much hit it on the spot as the better pairing for the baked tuna fish. And for the main course, leg of lamb with its drippings as sauce. When I had lamb here in Manila, I noticed this aftertaste that was not unpleasant that stuck in my mouth, but with Mommy Z's lamb I loved every taste of it. Juicy, no evident aftertaste and so tasty. Later on she told me that it was Australian lamb from their butcher. Yummy!! Should I go on or are you guys already salivating. :) There has to be a vegetable side dish to every dinner and we had the usual glazed vegetables as accompaniment to our hearty dinner.

But wait, I am not finished yet. Dessert comes in the form of my much missed and much loved dessert which brings back memories of childhood days when all our family was present and we were having dinner or lunch at Daddy J & Mommy Z's house and we, children at that time were playing on the grounds and sneaking in and out to demolish the dessert that Mommy Z usually made. It was one of my favorites, Chocolate and Vanilla Mousse. The taste was everything that I remembered it to be and that night was a reunion for my tastebuds as well. Mommy Z also brought out her homemade bread which she usually baked for us. Again another memory of my childhood and I was content. Cousin I and J were content as well.

Daddy J and Mommy Z: thank you so much for hosting that dinner for me because it was such a trip down gastronomic and memory lane. I look forward to the next dinner...hopefully soon and I'm bringing Z with me.

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Anonymous said...

so...what happened to your diet?
..I knew it! :P

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