17 January 2009

On the Tummy Spot: Chawan Mushu from Teriyaki Boy

This is not part of my PHP250 challenge, this is just a spotlight on some food items that I might find interesting and different in my food adventures here in Manila. For my first piece, please welcome the CHAWAN MUSHU from Teriyaki Boy.

The Chawan Mushu is an appetizer. It is placed in a small somewhat souffle-looking white bowl and is served hot to you. It is actually a savory miso-based flan with shrimp, squid and mushrooms, which give off that earthy flavor to the flan. This was my first encounter with it and I must say I am quite pleased that I want to order it again the next time that I come inside Teriyaki Boy. It tastes very light, not overpowering at all. Not filling, just tasty and serves as an interesting appetizer prior to you digging into your bowl of Japanese rice or whatever you may happen to be eating at Teriyaki Boy. The Chawan Mushu costs PHP85.00 all inclusive. It's worth the try.

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