11 December 2008

One of the Best Home-Cooked Meals in Cagayan de Oro City: Mommy Z's cooking.

Let me tell you a tale of how I first enjoyed food delights in my childhood. It was during the holidays and special days that we always gathered in Daddy J's and Mommy Z's house in Golden Village. Mommy Z used to cook French food for all of us (her being French and all that) and I enjoyed it so much and was missing it until last Sunday. Sunday night, I was invited along with cousins I and T and I's girl for dinner. And what a feast it was. Overload of sensations. For aperitifs, we had strawberry daiquiri's to pass the time. Cousin T & me were drinking it so fast that it was all gone before dinnertime. I remembered all those days gone by where it was a very nice treat to have lunch or dinner at Daddy J and Mommy Z's house. It was a European dining experience for all of us. We were waiting for the main course to be cooked while catching up on some news, family or otherwise. For the entree, we had the crown of pork ribs cooked in the oven with spices specially made to order by Mommy Z as well as steamed salmon with french spices, salade, glazed vegetables on the side and of course the bottle of Merlot. Now you can see why I crave these things. I got spoiled early on by Daddy J and Mommy Z's way of eating. What can I say except they are French. After dinner, we had pistachio ice cream and cookies followed by after dinner armagnac, Remy Martin (which by the way is pronounced as Romy Marta as Daddy J told us). Hot fire passing through our lips and going down to settle comfortably in our already full and bursting stomach. Good food, good wine and good conversation. Very heady. Now you know where my craving of excellent food experiences come from. And the best thing about it all was that it was FREE!! I was spoiled early on. :) As they say, “there is no place like home”. Thanks again Mommy Z & Daddy J. More dinners to come. Oh! I am expected for Christmas where the menu will be Lamb. Yummy! Can't wait.

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