11 December 2008

Lutong Macau @ Jupiter

This is not part of my 250 challenge but it is about a great deal in food choice here in Makati. Located along Jupiter Street in Bel-Air is this Chinese restaurant that has known such patrons as Lani Misalucha and her whole family. It seems that as friend BV told me that this resto has quite a reputation for good food. So one Friday evening when we were looking for a place to chow, we chose this one. Not that cheap but not that expensive either. Just right on the pocket. They also deliver. When we were seated, we were given free tea to go with the meal and it was just what I was looking for. Nowadays, I don't go for soda because I believe tea is the healthier alternative and tea actually prevents me from feeling bloated. So friend BV and I ordered their rice meals which come in these white oblong shaped dishes and I just love it. Quite big actually. I ordered 2-Kinds Roast Meat while friend BV had the Lechon Macau rice toppings. We were given free soup as well to go with the meal. Not bad at all. Service is quite fast and I was content with that meal. The 2-Kinds Roast Meat was priced at PHP 170.00 while the Lechon Macau was at PHP 145.00 and it was so good by the way. Crispy and not so fatty. Just right. So for a total of PHP 315.00 both of us had a good meal with free tea and soup. Not bad at all!

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