21 November 2008

The Php250 below challenge in Makati

I love to eat and I love to write about different things. Here in this blog you will see the combination of my love of food and writing. Last Friday me and friend BV went out to dinner for a catch up date. For info on friend BV, she was my elementary and high school classmate and as such we already have several years of friendship under our belts but it is just recently that we have gotten in close contact due to the proximity of our locations. Like me is also a bisaya in manila. While we were having dinner, I was talking to her about my love of writing and food and asking her to be my foodie buddy on meal adventures that she gave me a very good idea for a topic. Good places to eat that would only cost us less than Php250.00 for 2 people. Now, in a place like Manila which is pretty expensive this is a challenge and a challenge we will both be excited to fulfill.

Thanks to friend BV for the great idea and for a fun Friday night with our weird and hilarious stories about life and all its quirks.

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