21 November 2008

Buddy's @ Reposo: 1st 250PHP challenge

Friend BV and I were just browsing and coasting along streets in the Makati vicinity when we came upon Buddy's Pancit Lucban and Longganisa restaurant. Situated in Reposo, Makati. The restaurant from the outside helped convey a very cozy and homey feel. We agreed to try it out as it did not look too expensive and they had many diners which could only indicate that their food was great. We stopped and after parking proceeded to scout out the place. When we got inside, we had to order from the counter and we were stumped on what to order.
We decided to share the meal and then we ordered Pork Sisig w/rice @115PHP and then one of their specialties, Lucban Longganisa @ 6 pieces for 91PHP and an extra order of rice plus 2 glasses of water. We did not order any drinks as we planned to have coffee after dinner. We sat down at one of their tables and continued our funny updates and tall tales of what happened in the past few weeks of not seeing each other. There were funny ones and serious talks and all that talking made us quite hungry. When our order arrived, we were not disappointed. The sisig was what we had expected and the longganisa was cooked to a delicious crisp. The sisig with egg was really good. Still sizzling as it arrived, the longganisa was Oh so good what with all the fat and the special vinegar that went with it was so tasty. Personally, I don't like vinegar that much but that night I enjoyed it with the longganisa. I am planning to take my parents here. Not so pricey but really good, good food and the best thing about it – our total cost for that fulfilling dinner is: PHP228.00 for 2 persons. Not bad at all. You can even bring your date here. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 the highest (taking into account affordability, taste, total ambiance), I'd rate Buddy's at 7.

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